“3rd floor”
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The end of the 1980s was the Soviet Union’s twilight - uncertainty gripped all layers and sectors of society and art was no exception. In then-Soviet Armenia, a few artists felt there was a sharp gap between art and society and a new art movement appeared - its actions emphasized that very gap as their members believed artists should take the risk and represent reality.

In 1987, a few artists set up an exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Artists’ Union, instead they got the permission of holding an exhibition on the conference hall - on the 3rd floor. The movement called itself “3rd floor” and its members considered themselves as “art terrorists.” It became a non-exhibition space which symbolized their stand of being “out” of the current establishment. The first official “3rd floor” exhibition was held in Gyumri’s Artists’ Union in 1987.

Chai Khana
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