A Family that Livens Up The Village
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Vayots Dzor has the least amount of population in Armenia, yet still it’s not the most quiescent one. One may engage in various activities here. The Rind Village is situated 25 kilometers to the east of the center of the region; a passive holiday resort destination. 38-year-old Arthur Grigoryan lives here with his family. It’s been over a year that they have opened bakery and host tourists from different countries.


They also produce wine and develop the dried fruit production business. Their wine took the 3-rd place in a local wine festival.


Arthur’s wife, 30-year-old Ruzan Kostanyan, teaches at the village school, aside from doing the business.


Rind means ‘a bouquet’.
The legend goes, that once many Armenians from different places gathered here and created a large bouquet of flowers.
Arthur collecting harvest from his garden.
Arthur and Ruzan have 2 kids, who despite being young, help their parents.
Mrs Sofik has worked at Ruzan’s lavash production since last December, and Anahit since this February.
Ruzan says that in many cases, the workers open the bakery themselves and get in contact with her only when leaving.
Arthur takes their own walnut preserves to Kasyan market in Yerevan every weekend. There is high demand for them.
Chai Khana
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