A Female Entrepreneur on the Frontline
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Quliyeva Gulnara, a female entrepreneur who is an IDP from the region of Agdam, is continuing to pursue her work and has a small shop despite the precarious situation of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict on the frontline.



Most IDP families are faced with numerous problems, including: finding a job, building a house, and finding money for daily life. Despite the multiple risks of opening a business on the frontline,  she still embarked on  her business plan and has the chance to earn her own money again. Now, she tries to build up the life standards that were lost as a consequence of the  Karabakh Conflict.

She is proof that a woman, even from an IDP family, can be an entrepreneur, and launch a business and achieve success. It is extraordinary in her region, since a woman’s role in business is nearly invisible; however she is brave and hard-working to survive in this environment.




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