A Space of My Own
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It’s 7am. As I try to wake up, my feet drag me to the kitchen. The timid morning light sneaks inside the kitchen. From the window, I watch large clouds gathering around Mount Hatis, just outside Yerevan. The birds hover on the morning breeze.

I am in the heart of my house. Here, embraced by these four walls, I spend long  stretches of my time, sipping a coffee, chatting with my husband or often doing both. When I am not on an assignment, I regularly gaze at the changing sky through the large window as I review, organize and edit my images or as I cook, write or simply sit idly.

A few years ago, I turned my smartphone camera toward this tiny space; not at protestors or unfolding events, but at my boiling kettle on the stove, my laundry flapping in the breeze, my husband’s shadow by the window. I slowly became a witness of how the outside world infiltrates my house.

The view from the kitchen window is a constantly changing canvas, always in front of my eyes. The hills and Mount Hatis are always the same, yet different every hour. I see an array of red and metal roofs. At dawn, I can see the sky changing color while I serenely sip my cup of coffee.

Then, the kettle boils. The family wakes up and that canvas changes again, like my mood and my pace.

The photographs of and from my kitchen guide me in my search for my relationship with the space around me. By visualizing that room, I analyze my inner and outer worlds as well as the space that surrounds me.

This is a space of my own. It is where I love to be.

Early morning, as I’m preparing tea (November 2015)
Having a coffee with my husband (June 2017)
A piece of bed linen wrapped around a clothesline frames the view from my window. (May 2016)
An October morning in 2015
Sometimes I post these photos on social media, where I am often asked for new pictures of my kitchen. (March 2016)
Somewhere over the rainbow (July 2017)
An air balloon in my kitchen (October 2016)
New Year’s snow (January 2016)
Winter in the kitchen (2016)
Birds sometimes fly this close to my kitchen. (May 2015)
The end of dinner (September 2017)
In August 2016, we changed the kitchen’s window frame. While the workers installed the frame’s new hinges, this quadrangle of space was open for several hours. (August 2016)
My youngest son, Davit, playing his trumpet. (December 2015)
Near-mirror images as I edit photos for publication (January 2018)
Chai Khana
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