A Way to a Healthy lifestyle
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Armenians are generally not as physically active as Europeans. Though parents usually take their children out to different sports clubs, few of them continue their sport life when they grow up.


In recent years, the number of the sport clubs in Armenia has rapidly increased. People have become more attentive to their health. The young generation mostly prefers to exercise in gyms, while the elderly go to nearby parks. Certainly, the gym-goers exceed the others.




Gyms are crowded in the evenings.



For more than 40 years, 80-year-old Mekhak Galstyan, has worked as a pilot. Every morning he exercises in the Oval Park in the center of Yerevan.



 Edgar goes to gym to have a healthy and beautiful body.


On February 11, the olympic Champion Albert Azaryan, celebrated his 87th anniversary. Every morning he has mandatory trainings in his sports school.
People go to gym for many reasons but the main one is to be healthy.
Even in basic conditions, one can keep his health without special intervention.


Unfortunately  physical education is not taught as a subject anymore in some of the Armenian schools. That would not only toughen up a child’s body, but also help them to relax from other subjects, develop inner punctuality, and take care of their own bodies.



Some young people prefer to wake up early in the morning and do exercises in nature. Arman is a programmer and a 2D animator. It is the 6th month of his trainings.



There are people who solve their health problems by doing exercises.



87-year-old Suren Hakobyan, worked in Electric Networks for 60 years. After quitting his job, he started to train every morning for around 1 hour.



One can rarely meet women training in the parks, however they attend gyms as often as men.



75-year-old Gerasim Manukyan, worked as an attorney for 40 years in different regions of the republic. He nearly never missed an exercise throughout his life. 2 years ago, however, he suffered from a heart attack, and now he’s recovering his health via morning exercises.



A PhD in Biology, Hovhannes Avagyan, is a sportmaster. Aside from science, he also advises many people on diet and exercises for health reasons.



Artur Gurjinyan, 57, is a former sportsman.  Every morning he goes exercising with Albert Azaryan in the gym, and leads a healthy lifestyle to avoid health issues, which fortunately he hasn’t yet felt himself.



Mrs Laura, 81, to inspire youth, prefers to go to gym, unlike her husband who exercises in the park.


Chai Khana
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