Chai Khana, winner of the 2015 EU Prize for Journalism - for most informative online media, and the International ADAMI Prize for Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe, is a multi-media platform seeking to revitalise the development of independent media in the South Caucasus for a more informed and engaged citizenry. 


The Chai Khana or “tea house,” is symbolic of a collective space where citizens come together and discuss socio-economic issues. It is a focal point for exchanging information and a flourishing place for social interaction and social entrepreneurship. Accordingly, Chai Khana seeks to attract new local and international attention to locally-led dialogue covering the region. We produce creative issue-based multimedia stories, short documentaries, trans media, photo reportages, long-form journalistic pieces and a podcastWe help ensure this impact is sustained by strengthening the capacity of our freelancers to meet the information and communication needs of their public, and provide our journalists with mentorship, trainings and opportunities.


At Chai Khana, we believe that open access to information, through issue-based multi-media content, could be a catalyst for positive change. We believe that if we invest in building up the skills of young journalists, they will create positive returns for themselves, their communities, and the region at large. The values of the NGO are therefore to build up a more open, ethnical and professional source of alternative media for the South Caucasus.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Chai Khana is to strengthen citizen engagement and Independent Journalism in the region. In doing so, Chai Khana seeks to encourage the diverse and thriving media landscape in the South Caucasus by helping to use innovative tools to improve the quality and independence of objective reporting, and promote non-discrimination and tolerance between Armenians, Georgians and Azerbaijanis. Through this collaboration, the NGO seeks to expand the space for free expression and freedom of speech, including critical and alternative views in the South Caucasus.

What We Do

At Chai Khana, we draw on the talent of young journalists, film-makers, data analysts and photographers to publish an engaging, visually complex and dynamic multi-media series. We provide journalism trainings, mentorship and opportunities for collaboration in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Chai Khana would like to thank the South Caucasus Conflict Security and Stability Fund for their generous support and belief that we are making a difference. In addition, we would like to thank Jumpstart Georgia for designing our website and their inspiration. And finally, we would like to thank all the journalists in this project who continue to share their time, skill, and energy to make the project possible.

Contact Information


We have no vacancies at this time.