Armenian TV’s Room for Memories
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Sixty-three-year-old Alvard Lazaryan has put all of herself into the archives of Armenian Public Television. The 40-square-meter room contains not only over 46 years of Armenian history, but all of this archivist’s love and attention, goals and dreams.  

In 1990, Lazaryan was a 36-year old mechanical engineer when she came to work at Armenia’s sole, state-run television channel, the predecessor of Public Television.  She took the step out of necessity -- to earn more money to look after her elderly parents -- but she stayed out of pleasure.

Though she’s now at the age of retirement, she has no plan to stop working.

After all, the archive’s dozens of kilometers of film have come to tell not just the story of Armenia, but of Lazaryan herself.

Chai Khana
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