Anzhela Frangyan

33-year-old Anzhela Frangyan started her professional career as a journalist. She has worked in several different roles at local media companies. She worked with NDR and ADR as a local reporter and fixer. After a few years working as a reporter, she realized that reporting on events was not enough so she turned to documentary film making. Anzhela has been working at Bars Media Documentary Film Studio since 2014. She is currently working on a feature-length documentary, "The Case of the Christmas Tree" (2019). She also founded her own company, DoKino.

Participated in various educational and cultural programs, including:
2018 Baltic Sea Docs. Co-financing forum of international documentary projects / Riga, Latvia
2018 CineDoc Summer School, Tbilisi
2018 B2B Doc Story Development Workshop, Minsk
2017 Personal Voice workshop Georgia, Tbilisi
2016 EURASIADOC writing residency and pitching forum Armenia, Yerevan

2017 “Road” Special prize Tvapatum 17 Media Initiatives Center, Armenia
2017 “Road” Special prize Web Apricot 6th, Armenia
2016 “Road” Grand prize at the 14th Annual Awards for "Equal Opportunities", a media competition organized by the "Bridge of Hope" and "Mission East"


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