Anna Dziapshipa

Anna Dziapshipa is an art historian, film producer and co-founder of film organization Sakdoc Film. She used to head the Film Export Department at the Georgian National Film Center for five years where she was in charge of international relations – being in contact with international funds and organizations and promoting Georgian films at international festivals and markets. Anna holds a bachelor’s degree and an MA in Art History. She has been involved in various researches while working as a project manager at the Georgian Literature Museum, editing series of publications about the Georgian church painting and organizing art exhibitions. In 2009 she conducted the first Documentary Film Pitching Forum Pitch.Doc as part of Tbilisi International Film Festival. Anna also coordinates various trainings and workshops. Currently she works on her personal project as a director She has produced and co-produced several documentaries:

• Bakhmaro – Dir., Salome Jashi, 2011

• Ogasavara – Dir., Tato Kotetishvili, 2015

• Double Aliens – Dir., Ugis Olte, 2015 (co-producer)

• Story from the Family Album – Dir., Anna Dziapshipa (In production)