Azerbaijan Alternative Energy
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It is impossible to imagine human life without energy. We all use gas, oil or coal as sources of energy.  However, it is known that all of these reserves will come to an end. 


So, what does one do on the verge of energy crisis? The answer has already long been known. We need to find other energy sources: an alternative and non-traditional source that will be renewable.

Azerbaijan has remarkable renewable energy resources. It has the potential for wind power, which blows more than 250 days per year and may generate over 2.4 billion kWh of electricity annually, and it offers 2,400-3,200 hours of sunshine per year. Azerbaijan therefore has promising potential for solar electricity and heat generation, however, hydro power is currently its most developed renewable energy source.

Haci Zeynalabdin viilage, located in the Absheron district of Azerbaijan, where solar panels are ready to be used. According to information, the number of solar panels in other regions will be increased.
The solar panels seen in this photo do not work, but according to employers, the completion of their work will be soon done. In the near future, all solar collectors will be operating.
Additionally, the solar panels are able to collect 28.3 mh energy and provide for the city of Shirvan.
The solar panels are able to heat the 100 l water during one hour and reach to 40°-80°C temperature.
Wind mils
The solar panels in Sumqayit Technology Park has been operating since 2010.
It should be noted that solar panels are used for the road signs.
It should be noted that solar panels are used for the road signs.
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