Balakhani - The Land of Oil
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In this material world, the inhabitants of the oil rich country, or the country that is on the list of the most advanced countries in the world - or tries to be on this list - are considered to live in luxury. Balakhani was the center of the oil production. Over time, the oil extracted from the depth of Balakhani changed the sight of the capital, however Balakhani itself left outside it.


The opening scene to the city from Nation Park.
The Hilton Hotel is located in the center of Baku.
The JW Marriott Absheron Hotel. The same location
Port Baku – Business center.
In reality, the visual indication of the overall situation in the capital and suburbs is totally different.
One part of the oil-rich country with natural resources is its modern buildings and parks, and another part is full of garbage and slum houses. Baku is not an exception.
The trace of urbanization in the capital is noticeable in the overall capital, and Balaxani is the pretence of it. Here, is the homeland of oil wells, which bring a large amount of money to the whole country. However, most of the people who don’t receive any benefits from these resources live here.
" If I have a chance I will move from here. Who wants to raise his child in such conditions"- Asim Pashayev, who is living here about 12 years, refused to be shouted at, because he is working in the state work. This view is opened from his house.
According to the inhabitants' statements, representation from the Executive Power of Baku came here several times, but it did not change anything and did not bring anything new to the settlement. In addition, residents did not make any efforts to solve the problem. So, there is garbage near to almost every house.
Balakhani pupils go to the Sabunchu school or another school in Balakhani, because the nearest school N311 was closed several years ago. The inhabitants say that it takes a long time. "It is a long way. The children wake up at 7 to be at school at 8. previously, it took 15 min."
Every year Residents optimistically hope to be moved from here and with this hope they are continuing to live

As Qilman Ilkin describes in his book, "Baku and Bakuvians,” the name of Baku's village Balakhani means "bala" - up, tall, and "xana" - house. Before the oil industry, the traditional occupation of the rural population was agriculture, horticulture, crops and livestock. Starting from the XIX century Balaxani became the center of the oil production. The first oil production by mechanical injection was in Balakhani in 1869. Due to pumping the oil wells very quickly, within three days, the surrounding area turned into a lake. In 1873-1878, 47 such strong oil wells were drilled in Balakhani.  Among the foreigners who bought the lands here were Brothers Nobel, Rothschild, the millionaire Rockefeller, and many Russian capitalists.

Over time, the oil extracted from the depth of Balakhani changed the sight of the capital, however Balakhani itself left outside it.

Chai Khana
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