Batumi Fish Market
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Every morning before sunrise, between 5 AM and 6 AM fishermen from Batumi with their small boats (max 3-4 person) enter the Black Sea. Prior to departing for the Gonio Bank, which is said to be rich in fish, they call the coast guard police and tell them the number and IDs of the crew, as it is near to the  border with Turkey. 

The fishermen complain about the lack of fish in the sea. “The government gave Turkish seiners the right of fishing in our waters and no fish is left for us” - this can be heard from any fishermen in Batumi. Indeed what they get for a day of fishing is a bucket of fish maximum, which amounts to an average of 10-20 GEL per person in the crew. Accordingly, more than half of the fish in the Batumi fish market is imported. Nevertheless, for the lovers of fresh fish in the city, the market still remains the best option.

Fishermen dragging a boat to the sea
The fishermen use special wooden constructions with lubricated leather to slide the boat to the sea
Usually at 6 am the fishermen enter the Black Sea
Before departing into the sea the fishermen call the coast guard telling them the number and IDs of their crew
According to the Batumi fishermen, Gonio bank is the best place for fishing
The fishermen pulling out the boat with the morning’s trophy
The sacks in the boat are full of mussels.
The fishermen removing dirt from the mussels
The fisherman cleaning the mussels in the sea.
Another sack of mussels waiting to be cleansed
After the cleansing process the mussels are ready to be transported to the nearby fish market in Batumi
Different kind of fish gathered in a landing net after the morning fishing.
Sorting out different types of fish
Sorting out different types of fish.
Here comes the fresh fish into the market
Weighing and selling fish to the fish market buyers.
Jack mackerels are the most popular fish in the Black Sea
After gutting the jack mackerels they are put on metal spit for smoking.
Usually they use scissors for gutting process.
Gutting mussels
Batumi fish market
Fish on the counters of the Batumi fish market.
One can encounter the church charity box even in the fish market.
Batumi fish market attracts clients of all nationalities
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