Books on Wheels
Views: 2021

Is it possible for books to travel? Three years ago, a school bus converted into a mobile library, started providing opportunities for the IDP settlements of Georgia to host a number of community activities. The bookmobile is not only a library, but an inspirational educational center on wheels.



When readers cannot go to libraries, libraries acquire wheels and go to readers. A school bus has been modified to become a mobile library, traveling among Tserovani, Tsilkani, Prezeti, and Galavani - settlements that host a large number of internally displaced people (IDP) from South Ossetia following the 2008 conflict.


The programme, implemented by the US embassy since 2013, aims at reaching out to the IDP communities, providing access to English language books, otherwise unavailable, and to broaden the kids’ educational horizon. The bookmobile is not only a library, but rather an educational center on wheels, providing a variety of courses and activities, as well.

Most books are in English language, focusing on American topics - from American literature, to governance systems, history and culture. The library on wheel provides free internet, audio and video material as well, and it organizes film screenings and discussions on different topics.  It also runs clubs like video and photography courses.


The bookmobile often holds different events, joins several International campaigns and celebrates international days.

For instance, the bookmobile celebrates the International Day of Peace every year. This year, volunteer painters and IDP children painted the bridge to the settlement together.


Chai Khana
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