Carving One’s Living
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There are only a few woodworkers in Tskhinval, and Nariman Kalaev is one of them.

His mastery has extended beyond the capabilities of one person and has become an asset for many. He became interested in the craft even at school during working skills classes. He became seriously engaged in it at an older age, after seeing the work of other masters.

For years he worked at home, and a workshop appeared only last year, after the head of the Children’s creative centre invited him for a job. So Nariman had the chance not only to popularize his occupation but also encourage traditional culture, as all his work is made in the national style.

A sketch of the woodworking centre.
The lack of instruments is no longer an issue for the work.
The most important thing is that the children like the result of their work.
There is a special order of things in the workshop. The instruments make the sketches into the wooden items.
Some items become a part of the interior of the workshop.

Before starting his beloved occupation, Nariman couldn’t find a means to fund his ideas. Moreover, after all his work burnt down with his house in August 2008, one might think he would leave the dream altogether.

As the times were messy, no one thought to obtain a wooden item, also his housing issue became a primary problem. It’s his project that saved the day, which was long forgotten in the government. So Nariman was sent to Nizhni Novgorod for woodworking classes. However with craft only one can’t become successful, as it’s an expensive thing to do woodworking. Nariman sells his work, however, it’s not his main source of income. 

His workshop is a club, where the schoolchildren learn not only to make national items for daily use, but rather they also can learn to make traditional Alanian bows and arrows. He has 10 students now. He can’t accept more, as there are not enough bows. However the woodworking workshop has 20 students. The interest towards his work has risen also due to social media. Through the networks, buyers learn about the items and details in a much easier way.


A portrait of Khazba Gagloita, an ossetian dancer and choreographer, who directed the famous Alanian Suite.
Nariman also makes archery, a popular occupation of the military culture of the Alanian tribes. A part of the ammunition of the war equipment tribes.
The master with one of the key items he makes; a national ossetian tripod table.
A wooden mask - a present from Africa that was brought by his friends.
Separate details of a large project.
Separate details of a large project.
The certificate of completion of the woodworking school that Nariman received in a Russian-Norwegian woodworking center in Nizhny Novgorod.
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