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Kocharli railway station, Terter, 249 km away from Baku, operating since 1983, is the last station before the deadlock of Nagorno Karabakh. Before the war between Armenians and Azerbaijanis over control of Nagorno Karabakh in 1988, the railway carried both passengers and cargo from Baku till the last station in Karabakh, Khankendi.

From 1994, when the ceasefire agreement was signed, the last station became Kocharli station, and was used only to carry passengers.  

The station caretaker Rafael Mammadov says that despite the current usage of the train, it is not as active as in Soviet times, but still some passengers use it daily. During the summer, there is a density of passengers due to the  university holidays. 



During the active phase of the conflict, the station was used as a medical point and a shelter for displaced people. Until recent years, IDPs from Karabakh settled inside the freight wagons. Yet, more than three years later, they were relocated to the new settlements, but still you can see their belongings that have remained.

The nearest station to the frontline was damaged during the four day war in April, 2016. The station, which already needed renovation a long time ago, suffered from a shell that fell down there, and damaged the windows and the roof. When it rains, the raindrops leak from the ceiling in the hall.

Because the station is located near the frontline, there are no gas lines, so when the electricity is cut off, there is a problem with heating during the winter months. 



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