Forgotten in the Factory
In the Darnagul settlement in Baku, there is a factory of concrete production, where IDPs live. The conditions where approximately 200 families are living, are not appropriate for living.
After the Nagorno-Karabakh war, about 1 million 200 thousands refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) settled in different regions of Azerbaijan, accordingly some of them have settled here.
People built their dwellings from cardboard, wood fragments, and pieces of iron.
Children born here perceive this place as their “Native land”
Children play in very polluted old factory, where they are getting ill or born with some disabilities.
Despite the living conditions, children are trying to be happy, and they dream to live in a normal house.
There is a small market inside.
The red ribbon in the doors, indicates that a new married couple is living here.
Her face reflects all the difficulties she has in her life.
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In the Darnagul settlement of Baku, there is a factory for concrete production, where IDPs live. They have lived in this settlement for more than 20 years. Despite the promises from officials to be moved, only promises remain.


Chai Khana
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