Four Generations under One Roof
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89 year-old grandfather, Garush Danielyan, has three children, eight grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. Not all of them live under one roof, but at least four generations do. Despite that fact, there is a gap between the generations because of their different outlook of the world.


The family of the Danielyans.

"Due to modernized traditions, so many people can't seem to live in one yard together; but thanks to my wife and me, we could preserve the family. It was a matter of authority and honor to live separately from our children after they got married. Our youth do not correctly understand the idea of national unity. Because of the conflict between brides and mother in laws, families are moving away from their parents. That is a reason for the escalating emigration from our country, when, instead of overcoming the difficulties, people prefer to leave the homeland” -says Garush.

He was born in Zangakatun village (previously known as Chanakhchi) and has always tried to keep family and Armenian traditions intact.

According to 89 year-old Garush, the stability of the state depends on the strength of the family.  If the families are in harmony and united, then the country will be stable and in welfare.

He transformed a small cellar into a 3-storey house as a result of several years’ of hard work. His children, with their families, should have been living here. 

Garush Danielyan at his house in Aparan, where he lives during the summertime.
In summertime, Mr Daniel lives in Aparan too, and helps his father with beekeeping and farming.
Tatev is Garush’s granddaughter. She visits her grandpa; everything connected to her grandfather she remembers with admiration.
Despite his age, grandfather Garush is still driving a car and doing it with great pleasure.
From time to time, the family gathers at their house in Yerevan. This time Daniel’s grandson, who just returned from the United States, was present too.
A happy routine of the family.
Mrs Tsovinar’s day is full of family problems.
Knarik, with her son, has come to see grandfather too.
Grandfather and great-grandchild.
It is hard to gather the busy family members from Yerevan in one place. Only some parts of Danielyan’s family were present there that day.
Despite the fact that grandfather feels very good with his relatives, his obligation to his work propels him go back earlier.
Chai Khana
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