Georgia: Making Space for Disabled Students’ Dreams

Mariam Khutsishvili

Twenty-two-year-old Reziko Kurshubadze’s dream is to become an actor. When on stage at Batumi Public School #26, where he is enrolled as an 11th-grader,  he feels happy and at peace.

His wheelchair is no limitation in this 419-pupil school, one of 12 in Georgia that integrate disabled students with the general student body.

Kurshubadze, who has cerebral palsy and a learning disability, expresses himself not only through theater. Each afternoon, he takes arts-and-crafts and speech classes after his regular lessons. The regional government, which pays for his breakfast and lunch at school, provides his transportation home.

Kurshubadze, though, is no stay-at-home. He likes to get out.

He has joined national tours of the school’s artwork before and hopes one day to perform on “very big stages” elsewhere in Georgia. 

Georgia: Making Space for Disabled Students’ Dreams



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