Tskhinvali or Vladikavkaz-Where to Give Birth?
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The question "where to give birth: in Tskhinvali or in Vladikavkaz," is still actual question for women in South Ossetia. Even if the pregnancy proceeds normally, women often prefer to go to Vladikavkaz for childbirth, because the quality of medical service is higher.

A year ago, 29-year-old Anna Bagaeva went to give birth to her first child in North Ossetia. During the whole period of pregnancy she was examined in Vladikavkaz and, when the time came, she stayed there to wait for the delivery. 

The objective reasons for this are diminishing, however, many follow the generally accepted view that the conditions there are better. For the examinations, women mostly choose private laboratories in Vladikavkaz, which have high prices and higher diagnosis correctness. Consultations cost more too, if you are from Tskhinvali. And yet, even despite the quality of medical services, many pregnant women are dissatisfied with health services in Vladikavkaz.

Despite the fact that health issues have become a priority for South Ossetia after the August 2008 war, the normal conditions in the medical institutions, including republican  maternity hospital, appeared only a few years ago.


In the children's department of the maternity hospital, there is a quiet hour.



Gynecologic surgery. Young professionals during the work…



She has not yet recovered after the labour.



Seeing off a newborn ... (photo of the head of newborns department Louisa Victorovna).



Woman in labour.



This is not high tech, but at least, new.



The head doctor of the Republican Maternity Hospital, Vadim Tedeyev, says that official statistics show that the demographic situation has slightly improved.

The head doctor, Vadim Tedeyev, during a short break, gives an interview.

Around 100 meters away from the maternity hospital, the Republican Children's Hospital with Rehabilitation Centers, are being built. Here, highly specialized care will be available, and a surgical department for children with pathologies will operate.

The Head of the department of newborns, neonatologist Louisa Gagloyeva, says that children with pathologies have to be taken out of the country because there is no surgical unit for newborns.

Vadim Tedeyev thinks that having highly specialized assistance for the treatment of children with different pathologies is an issue which can be solved in the near future.



Construction of the children's republican hospital with the rehabilitation center.



The construction of the hospital began in June 2015 and is scheduled to be finished in December 2016.


Vadim Tedeyev thinks that having highly specialized assistance for the treatment of children with different pathologies is an issue which can be solved in the near future. 

According to him the main issue today is not just providing good medical services. In addition to skilled care and the professionalism of the doctors during a childbirth, the awareness of the parents in the child planning is important too.

The doctor says, that after marriage a woman's pregnancy often occurs as a result of the joint life of the couple. Young people do not think about the risks of avoiding various pathologies, it is important to be prepared for pregnancy too, not only for childbirth.

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