Hepatitis C - Reality and Statistics
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Three years ago, A.S. ( anonim) found out about her disease. Doctors diagnosed her incorrectly; they checked her stomach, treated her nerves, and gave some vitamins, however there were no effects. When she started to lose weight and feel worse, with the advise of a doctor, she asked for a Hepatitis C analysis and got a positive answer. She went to Iran to have  treatment. According to her, In Iran she was the 5502 th Azerbaijani registered in one doctor’s appointment log.


According to statistics, in 2014, around 435 cases with Hepatitis C were registered. The hepatologist, Konul Mahmudova, says that there is no exact number of people with Hepatitis C in Azerbaijan.

Hagigat Gadirova, the Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the examination and treatment of people infected with hepatitis B and C under the Health Ministry, states that around 5020 AZN is spent, on average, for 48-weeks of treatment. She said that due to proper education and other measures by the government, the disease is now in retreat. Last year, a program for the free treatment of patients with hepatitis B and C was launched in the country, drawing more than 2,000 persons seeking treatment.

However, people still continue to spend money on the treatment from their own expenses, and are not aware about this program.

A 70 year-old woman, who does not want it to be revealed, says that she spent 12 500 AZN on a medicine named Sovaldin, however the analogue of it costs 970 AZN. The medicaments that are effective enough, cost less money, and these other drugs that are cheaper are substitutes and are mainly produced and come from India and Egypt. 

Rafiq Mammadhasanov, the director of Center of the Equal Rights and opportunities, says that in general the role of NGOs in prophylactic and treatment is large.  " However the role of NGOs in Azerbaijan is not big,  NGOs were deprived from the opportunity in prophylactic and rising the awareness of people," says Rafiq. 






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