I came to leave

Author: Arus Hakobyan

104-year-old Satenik Hakobyan wants to give life to her old house, which has been uninhabited for 20 years. She is the only one taking care of this big, abandoned house. It's a place, where she has lived for approximately 80 years of her long life. All her memories are related to this place. She knows the story of every single object, and every stone in this house.

But now everything is dying for her in the space dear to her, and she wishes to die here. The film shows how an old woman feels after she had to move from her native village, native house. Moreover it shows how much all these things and places, dear to her, mean. Satenik has 7 sons. Even though she realizes that none of her sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren need this house in the small, disappearing village, deep in her heart, she still hopes that one of them will come to live here and take care of everything. She herself came to leave...

I came to leave




Chai-khana Survay