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Homeopathy, as the alternative medicine, gained popularity in Georgia during the Soviet era. The Ministry of Labour and Healthcare certified homeopath doctors until 2014. Homeopaths could start a medical practice only after they had been certified. Homeopathy has not been controlled since 2014. 


Paata Bukia, the head of the Professional Regulation Department of the State Regulatory Agency for Medical Activities, states that homeopathy is not part of evidence-based medicine, the effectiveness of homeopathic drugs are not proved scientifically and therefore the Ministry of Healthcare stopped certifying homeopaths.  


Paata Bukia

The Professional Regulation Department explains that 67 homeopaths are registered in Georgia, but the number is not accurate, because the state has not been controlling homeopaths for 2 years. The drugs and the conditions of the places where homeopathic drugs are manufactured currently are also not being supervised. Although the department states that only a few places are allowed to manufacture drugs. The state does not control imported homeopathic substances which are sold in the drugstores over the counter. The reason for this is the trust for partner countries and manufacturer companies. Legal registration of the homeopathic drugs made in Georgia are purely voluntary. It has been legal to sell the drug with the conditionality that the term is not called “medicine,” since 2009. The effectiveness of the drug is the responsibility of the manufacturer and not the State.


Homeopathic drugs are not tested for toxicity or effectiveness.

Naili Shengelidze, the head of the pharmacy registration department of the State Regulatory Agency for Medical Activities, explains that homeopathic drugs are not standard drugs and it is impossible to test them as the active substance is highly diluted in water.


The head of the research center of pharmacology and medicine, Nugzar Djuglidze discusses the reasons behind not testing homeopathic drugs on toxicity and effectiveness.


Homeopaths in Georgia think that their drugs don’t need any testing, because they proved the effectiveness of their treatment many times. They also believe, that if the drug does not treat the patient, it will at least not harm him. Gia Nadareishvili, a doctor with 30 years of experience in homeopathy, explains the main principle behind homeopathy - “like cures like.”  


A Homeopath explains how homeopathic drugs work and what the advantages of such treatment are. He also talks about the connection between quantum physics and homeopathy. 


Tornike Aladashvili also has 30 years of experience in homeopathy. He thinks that homeopathy is the medicine of the future and soon the majority of the patients will choose homeopathic drugs over chemically produced ones.


Tornike Aladashvili thinks, that homeopathy faces lots of challenges in the 21st century and alternative medicine needs more scientific research and recognition. 

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