Medicine Without Medication
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Pills and surgery do not always give the desired results for certain conditions. Putting aside medical theories, people often turn to alternative medicine for a cure. In Armenia, the number of traditional or alternative medicine centres are much fewer than the ones of hospitals or private clinics. However, these centres are high in demand. We went to the most common ones, to find out how they cure their patients.


                                  Leech therapy

Leech therapy can be used for hundreds of conditions, beginning with dermatological issues and ending with cardiovascular diseases. The number of visits needed ranges from 5 to 12.



The leeches, which are kept in water are bred in Russia. They are used only once, and after that they are destroyed.



Doctor Parandzem Movsisyan has been practicing leech therapy for the last 14 years. Many leech therapists in Armenia are her students.



80-year-old, Anna Darchinyan, has been suffering from blood pressure variation for the last 20 years. Taking various pills without result, she finally decided to fight the condition with the help of leeches.



Before starting the procedure, the blood pressure of a patient is measured, and the conditions are checked in case of contradictions.




These small leeches, that weigh several grams, remain on the bioactive spots of the human body for up to an hour. They such out a small amount of blood from the patient, and exchange over 100 bioactive substances.



Herbal therapy is the ancestor of modern medicine. All the drugs are prepared via chemically replication of the healing substances of herbs. The only and main rule of this alternative medicine is the following: there is no condition that cannot be cured with herbs.


The herbal infusions and medicines are prepared by doctor, Ashot Ashotyan, himself. He also classifies them according to use.
Doctor Ashotyan prepares a special medication against hair loss. This must be applied to the centre of hair loss twice per day, for several days.
Armenia’s nature is rich in medical herbs. Those are collected from different regions across Armenia. Some herbs are collected by Ashotyan himself; he leaves for the mountains for several days.


The tradition of acupuncture comes from China and has a history of 4000 years. In soviet years this method was popular in Armenia.



The needles are pinned on bioactive spots of a human. These spots are responsible for the functioning of different organs.



Neural conditions, artery blood pressure issues, backbone and musculoskeletal system problems are healed with the help of needles.



Doctor Samvel Kochinyan has been researching this method of medicine since 1974. He has written dozens of scientific papers on the topic.



The needles are mainly made of steel. For different conditions, steel made of other metals is used, too.



Karine Matevosyan went to acupuncture after sudden facial seizures. She attended it several dozen times to complete  the acupuncture courses. She says, that the seizures have significantly diminished even after the first attendance.



This method of alternative medicine is effective mainly for respiratory (bronchial asthma, inflammations), allergic problems or issues of the immune system. 20 days a year, and 6 hours a day, patients use the elevator of the salt mine in the Avan community in Yerevan, to reach the depth of the mine - 235 metres beneath the ground.


4000 square metres of the area has been dug in the depths of the mine. The natural powers and the energy of the salt helps to recover the respiratory system, get rid of allergic conditions and asthma-related coughs.
This centre has been operating since the time of the Soviet Union. It opened in 1987. There are beds inside, facilities for rest and leisure.
Alla Martirosyan is one of the 1st patients of the underground health centre, and has been attending here since the opening. Because of asthma, she has been having breathing problems periodically. When planning her year, Mrs Alla intends exactly 20 days f
Aram is the youngest patient of this speleotherapy centre. Here time flies quickly; he play tennis and billiard. After a good walk he again takes the 250 meter route from the entrails of the earth to its surface.
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