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The Nor Kharberd Specialized Children’s Home is intended for children aged 6-18, but most of them stay here even after becoming adults; behind the walls of the orphanage there is an integration problem.


My little garden.
"The majority of kids here use wheelchairs, since it is nearly impossible for them to walk by themselves. For safety reason the caregivers additionally fasten them. "
Outside of the walls of the orphanage not every kid finds its place in the society; their majority doesn’t have a home to return. The orphanage tries its best to help such kids, and they, in return help with everyday matters.
"Only soft meals are prepared for the kids. And the majority cannot even eat on their own, the caregivers, or sometimes the older kids help them. "
Not every kid has a visitor here; there are only some 6-7 parents who come here. Some part of the parents comes here even once a year.
A manual therapist works here, and tries to improve the movements of some kids.
Inside the room.
The nap time.
Marcel, 8-year-old.
There are a lot of coteries in the orphanage, including a needlework one.
2 masks.
It's already 2 years, that the orphanage has a horse-ridding therapy, which has been quite effective.
"Hayk is having a walk with his best friend the horse, named Czardas. "
Sweet dreams.

According to official statistics Nor Kharberd Specialized Children’s Home is hosting 286 children with physical and mental disabilities.165 of them are over 18 year. The oldest inhabitant is 40 year old. Children living in this orphanage have different health issues: cerebral Palsy, bone, muscle disorders, locomotion, auricular, visual and communication problems as well as autistic problems. 70% of these children needs special and extra care as they are deprived of the ability to move independently.

The orphanage is intended for children aged 6-18, but most of them stay there even after becoming adults since behind the walls of the orphanage, no one expects and needs them. For integrating into the society, many of them may face different problems.

The most vivid problem for children with locomotion and mental disabilities to is the parents’ wrong approach of banning children from the society. They do not clearly realize that their child needs a serious vocational treatment. For developing specific skills of children living in orphanage the specialists involve them into different coteries- carpet-making, tapestry, macrame, beading, pottery, drawing, etc.People communicating with these children day to day mention that all these helpless humans need is the feeling of being loved.

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