Naira and Nora: Old Friendship, New Technology
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Naira and Nora had many things in common - loneliness was just one of them. Another was time to spare. At 77 and 87 respectively, the two women did not have much to do in Kutaisi, Georgia’s third largest city, and, since their children had left for Greece and Russia in search of work, they were left without anyone to care for.

Then in 2010 Naira Meskhia and Nora Vashakmadze met in Kutaisi’s Social Center for Elderly. Founded in 2004 by the Red Cross Georgia, the facility serves as a community centre for older people, organizing activities and courses, including on computer literacy* - and the energetic friends got quickly into it.

There, the two energetic women resurrected their mutual love for singing and set up an ensemble which regularly performs at the centre.

It was wonderful until it lasted. Nora has not been performing since February 2017 as she joined her daughter in Greece. Yet, those computer skills came in handy and technology has kept their friendship flowing. Today photos of their daily lives are shared via Facebook and Viber, while Skype has proved to be a creative tool to sing together.

In 2016, Red Cross Georgia started a computer literacy program at the Social Center for Elderly with the support of National Assistance Foundation and McLain Association for Children. 


Chai Khana
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