Neither home nor choice
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Six years ago, the Grigoryan family lost their house in the center of Yerevan due to urban development. Since that time, they have changed four houses over the course of  6 years. 

According to contract, the construction company should have given a new house to the Grigoryans family in the same block which the land of their home was built on, over 3 years ago. Yet each time, instead of a new house, they were just given empty promises to solve the issue soon. It is interesting that Grigoryans’s old house, which was taken from them hasn’t yet been demolished.  No one knows when the construction process will start.

The construction company was obliged to give this family a new house near the wine factory district, where apartments are much cheaper compared to the previous one. It will take several years to finish the construction process in this area.

Grigoryans’ neighbours accordingly have had such problems: Some of them, from the beginning, had agreed to the suggested conditions, though they had no trust towards the project. The other ones are still waiting for more new promising suggestions.

Rafayel Grigoryan who had several heart-operations is and actor. Unfortunately, not every artist has a safe live. Not everyone can solve day to day living problems. His wife; Nazik Grigoryan is a teacher of English language. Teachers are not well-paid in Armenia.

Rafael Grigoryan spends several days a week in Vernissage, where various artists and craftsmen sell their work.
The rented house entrance.
The buildings are still in the process of construction. It is unknown when the construction will be finished.
Rafael Grigoryan is coming home after a long working day spent in Vernissage.
Despite everyday problems, the couple continues to have family warmth.
Mrs. Nazik is calculating her utility bills.
The supper.
Mr. Rafayel is seeing off his grandchildren who visit their grandmother and grandfather from time to time.
Mr. Rafayel helps his grandchild to prepare for the school Alphabet Concert.
On the way to their home.
The old yard of Grigoryans’ house, which used to be full of vigor a few years ago.
Chai Khana
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