One Life - Different Countries
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Each year more and more Iranians come to Armenia. The majority of them stay in Armenia with their families and work in various areas. They try to keep their national identity and traditions. They attend the mosque and take their children to an Iranian school.


The gates of the Iranian school in Yerevan, where there children of Yerevan based Iranians go.
Rail is living and working in Armenia already for a year. She teaches at the school.
Teacher Assadi’s wife too teaches at the school, and their daughter is studying there
Teacher Assadi also teaches at the school. He has a contract for 3 years.
Diana and Eliza.
Arman together with other students goes into school after the break.
During break the children play in the yard.
Rail asks questions to Eliza after classes.
Rail along with his pupils.
A concert of an Iranian musical ensemble in Yerevan.
During the concert there were Iranian folk songs and songs dedicated to Armenia, in the Armenian language.
The concert was attended by representatives of the Iranian community, as well as local Armenians.
The only working mosque in Armenia, which is in the center of Yerevan.
Muslims come with the whole family. After the prayer they have a talk with each other.
Children are playing in the kid's room of the mosque.
As in all mosques, men and women pray in separate rooms.
After the prayer men discuss different issues.
In the women's part of the mosque, in the afternoon.
Entrance to the mosque at night.
Chai Khana
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