Russian "Flea Market" in Baku
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There is a market in the Sabunchu settlement of Baku, among the population known as "The Russian Market" or the "Flea Market.” Everything is mixed here; old cloths, old junks and the smell of odds and ends is everywhere. This scene looks like a garbage dump.


The market works from 9 A.M untill 16.00 P.M only on Saturdays and Sundays. The customers are mainly poor people who live across the settlement. Another name of this bazar is the "Lice Market" because of the very old cloths.

Starting from the needle to large household items, you can find everything here. T-shirts for 0.20 Cents, shoes for 0.50 Cents, or jins for $1. Some pots that sell for $40-50, cost $3-4 here.

As for the history of Russian Market, the people say that this tradition was brought by the Russians during Soviet Times. The elderly and poor Russians sell their old staffs to earn money. Later, seeing this possibility of making money the locals began to come and and sell their staffs.  

Chai Khana
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