“Endless Return” Gagik Harutyunyan

Author: Arthur Sukiasyan

In October, while the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan still raged, Gagik Harutyunyan, one of the founders of Armenian art photography, held an exhibition in Yerevan of photos he took on the frontlines in 1992-1997 during the first war in Karabakh. 

Entitled "Endless Return", the series does not include any scenes of violence. By photographing the people affected by the fighting, Gagik Harutyunyan underscored the catastrophic aftermath of the war. The images, captured when the region was balancing between collapse and fear of more conflict, show that deportation and loss can return endlessly as long as war and its destructive power remain on the horizon. 

In this video essay, writer Aram Pachyan discusses war with Gagik Harutyunyan and attempts to hear the voice of the people captured in his photos. 




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