ColorFest in Azerbaijan

Author: Aygun Rashidova

ColorFest is an annual colorful music festival. The first festival of colors was hold in the city of Quba in 2015 and gathered hundreds of people. The main tradition is to sprinkle each other with colorful spices. The second festival was held at Pepsi Beach, Baku, and gathered more than 300 people.

However, at the last summer's festival, more than 700 people participated in the festival of colors.

One of the festival's organizers, Rustam, said that they used 550 kg of colors, that were designed for 1,200 people.

"We decided not to be greedy, and gave all the colors to people, that's why it was so colorful and the youth were satisfied."

The organizers promised that next year a larger-scale festival is expected to be held.

BakuColorFest will be held annually.

The "Holi" Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the world. In India it has been celebrated for more than two thousand years. The paints that are used in the festival are natural: yellow-orange saffron pasta, bright red sandalwood powder, magic grain yellow turmeric, the blue paint of hibiscus flowers and a green mixture of henna.





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