A Bridge Between the Generations

Author: Nana Sisvadze

“Everything new is well-forgotten old” – this quote is the best way to describe the story I’m about to tell you now.

The band “Gamouvali Mdgomareoba” (Translated as “Hopeless Situation”) is the main hero of this film. The band performed in a popular Georgian TV-show and continued their journey in real life, providing Georgian listeners with refreshing music of the 1990s. “The Autumn is at the door”, “Love is hard”, “Ship” – these old songs became favorites for the younger generation, now being remixed with new tones, texts and sonority.

Band members are from the Generation of the 1990s themselves, and the songs they perform, with new approaches, are also from their childhood.



Generation of the 1990s


Chai-khana Survay