Like every kid, the Muradov brothers had their wish for the New Year; they wanted a sister. It came true on January 1; Semiramida was born. She is the 4th child in a family in Upper Dvin; one of the few Assyrian-populated villages in Armenia.

The Assyrian and Armenian flags

Not everyone’s childhood is happy and careless in Upper Dvin

12 -year old Gevorg wants to become a soldier, he says ‘They are strong and defend the fatherland’ , 3-year old Victor doesn’t yet know; a soldier or a policeman.

Little Muradovs are peaceful, they love and care for each other, especially for their little sister.

Upper Dvin

Oksanna and Semiramida

Volodia is the only breadwinner: He mainly grows tomatoes, and sometimes goest to construction sites, earning 2000-3000 AMD per day

The currency of Iraq, which depicts the ‘winged bull’, an assyrian symbol

The hall of the cultural centre is in a poor condition. The classes are currently being held in a small room, because of the cold.

The Assyrian communities collaborate. Periodically Assyrian papers published in other countries are sent to Armenia.

The library is a part of the village administration building. There are mainly Russian books, of old publishing. The number of readers is increasing slowly,

The school named after Pushkin is the only one in the village.

269 children attend this school. Mainly they go to the Russian section.

Assyrian is a mother tongue in Upper Dvin; if not prevailing over Armenian, then used equally.

Pupils of the school.

The handmade pieces of the schoolchildren.

Aida Lazarevna, the headmaster, considers the dilapidatedness the main problem of the school. Though she assures it will be solved soon.

The Assyrian and Armenian alphabets:

At school.

Assyrians are christians. They say, they do not change their religion even in Muslim countries.


Ethnic & Religious Minorities


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