Elen Mkrtchyan is 17 year old. At the age of 8 she was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfect-brittle bones. Despite the fact that the secondary school was not set out for independent movement, anyway, she finished it on her own and with her parents’ facilitation...

Destiny traces

Elen at home

Once a week Elen attends painting classes which held by “Unison” NGO. “Unison’s” mission is to assist disabled people and to protect their rights.

Elen is dreaming of becoming a painter. But to fulfill her dream is almost impossible as Armenian universities are not anyhow accommodated for people with disabilities.

"Elen also attends video editing classes which are being held in the scope of “Life” project supported by USAID. This will give her an opportunity to work from home as the prospect of moving out is limited for some people. "

Elen is talking with “Unison” PR manager Marianna Chalikyan .

There is one taxi service in Yerevan which collaborates with different organizations coping with disability issues. The car is adapted for wheelchairs to fit inside.

Every day after the classes Elen’s father meets her up and takes her home which is located on the second floor of a skyscraper.

Reaching home is full of obstacles. First they have to surmount 10 stairs to reach the elevator then they have to go 10 stairs down to reach their door. Almost all the buildings in Armenia are not adapted to people with disabilities.

Grandmother makes tea for Elen.

Physical limitations do not straiten people who are the bearers of these boundaries. They are optimistic and extremely independent. The difference is that at certain situations the wheels serve them instead of legs. Like a true female, Elen is always groomed and accurate.



People With Disabilities


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