Among the large variety of transportation means - luxury SUVs, modest sedanes and modern convenient minivans, etc - one can notice distinguishable yellowish and round small buses that move people from place to place in Armenia. Produced over 50 years ago in the Soviet Union, these cars, called PAZ, serve the needs of the people till today. Piruza Khakapyan and Nazik Armenakyan take us on a journey from Artik to Yerevan in one of the few remaining PAZ buses, which are still in use. 

Even though it is not the only means of transportation, villagers see it as the safest one, since they trust the driver. The latter, 52 year old Farhadi has been driving this bus for already 20 years. When he started, there were many other PAZ buses in Armenia, like in other Post-Soviet countries. During the journey which lasts for almost three hours, the yellow 'Pazik' transforms into a public space where people share their stories and worries.

The Yellow Bus of the Past

Unlike Armenia, where PAZ busses are mostly an option, in Nagorno Karabakh these buses are sometimes the only remaining choice. Knar Babayan took the bus of the Nakhichevanik village that has connected the village and neighboring villages to the capital, Stepanakert for 18 years.

The Yellow Bus of the Past


On The Move


Chai-khana Survay