Gender Inequality

Author: Ismayil Nur

Photo story of different women and men in Azerbaijan, showing the inequality of gender.

A woman from the village who is working from 5 A.M. in the morning to milk the cows and convert them into dairy products.

A man who is having the rest after the working day.

No one except this woman who is walking home after grazing the animals is going out from their houses during the heavy rainy day.

The young and old generations are playing Nard in the hot summer day.

After the death of all members of her family, she had to prepare herself in the winter to bring firewood from the forest. The only one who helped her is her faithful donkey.

There was an unexpected step from the Nardaran people, the most religious ones, who are protesting because several religious people were detained, to give a word to the woman.

Prayers in the courtyard of the mosque in Nardaran. Men only.

In 2013, in one of the meetings of the National Council, a Woman activist called people during the presidential elections in Azerbaijan

Men who are watching the rally against demolishing of houses in “Sovetski," so called the centre part of Baku.

After the housing demolitions started in “Sovetski," the inhabitants still live their usual lives, and spend their time with their neighbours after their work in the evenings.

Men in Azerbaijan are always walking ahead of their women.




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