Challenges Every Step of the Way

Author: Eana Kobezashvili

Salome Miqadze lives in an old, not so wheelchair-accessible home with her parents and her brother.

In the entrance, there are wood planks that serve as ramps.

Salome’s brother, Nika, is 16 years old: “The society’s main issue is that they don’t perceive persons with disabilities the way they perceive any other person”

The wheelchair does not hinder Salome in her attempt to live an active life – she works at the NGO for the rights of persons with disabilities.

“I can’t stand it, when reports on persons with disabilities have sad music as their soundtracks – if I could make my own reportage, I would add lively music to it”

“I face a challenge at every step of the way, when I am in the street” – the laws need to change, there needs to be more attention to the rights of persons with disabilities.

“I do not feel sorry for myself, therefore, I do not need anyone’s pity”

Persons with Disabilities face quite a few problems: the society’s perception, inadequate laws and an environment that is not adapted to their needs.


People With Disabilities


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