Men with Binoculars

Author: Natia Sharmiashvili

Zauri Nadirashvili, 78 and Sergo Nadirashvili, 55, live in Sighnaghi, a popular tourism destination perched on a hill overlooking eastern Georgia’s Caucasus mountain range. Struggling to make ends meet, the two men (not related) became entrepreneurs by “renting” tourists their binoculars to take in spectacular views over the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus for one lari ($0.41). The self-proclaimed tourist guides also offer personal interpretations of the past in which the facts and figures do not always add up.

The two men are competitors for the right to show tourists Sighnaghi and its surrounding space. They prick each other and compete fiercely; especially during the low season, when visitors are rare.

Men with Binoculars




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