A Chronicle of Exes

Author: Hovhannes Ishkhanyan , Sona Simonyan

Marriage is no longer the unchangeable Armenian custom that it once was. Young, urban Armenians today have far greater choices about how to live their lives than in the Soviet era. For some, staying with one person for life no longer seems relevant. 

But divorce, now slightly on the rise in Armenia, does not offer an easy answer, either.  And, so, the search for new forms of relationships goes on.

Filmmakers Sona Simonyan, 25, and Hovhannes Ishkhanyan, 29, met with their ex-husband and ex-fiancée to discuss the reasons for their respective break-ups and the difficulties of modern-day relationships.

A Chronicle of Exes

June 2018, Identity Edition 




Chai-khana Survay