Here and Nowhere Else

Author: Anna Sarukhanova

A new generation of Russians is moving to Georgia, especially to the capital Tbilisi.

They are coming in growing numbers despite the fact that they face extra social handicaps as Russian citizens: the legacy of Russia's aggression in Georgia has left a residue of tension even though the two peoples remain close.

Why are they selling their apartments, leaving their loved ones and starting a new life in Georgia, a country that is perceived in Russia as a hostile place for them?

This film attempts to tell the story of these "migrants" who are creating a new life for themselves in Tbilisi. Some have been in the country for a number of months, others settled in Tbilisi years ago.

Each has carved out a different fate for themselves in their newly adopted country: one has opened a business in the ski resort of Gudauri, another created a new type of entertainment in the capital, a third has started making shoes, and others are working at bars, or as managers at hostels.

But they are all united in their efforts to assimilate into Georgian society, learn the language, respect the culture and understand local attitudes as they embark on a new stage in their lives.

Though the people interviewed in this film, viewers will understand how these Russians see Georgian society, how they try to integrate, what problems they face and whether the tension of Georgian-Russian relations affects their lives. The film tells the story of Russians who came to Georgia — not for vacation but to create a new life.

This film includes interviews with: Pasha Panisheva, Tatyana Lopoyan, Pavel Cheremisin, Svetlana Cherkashina, Anastasia Diduk, Stanislav Magay, Sana Karmushina, Olga Charlat.

Here and Nowhere Else

Journeys, December/January 2018





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