Among dogs and cats

Author: Oktay Namazov

Elkhan, an animal rights activist, found his friend Pirat almost at death's door together with other animal-lovers. After extensive surgery, Pirat’s life was saved, and Elkhan was able to find him a temporary shelter. Elkhan visits Pirat in Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku whenever he can, but he also has things to do back in his home village Guneshli in Lerik district. He has created a calm and peaceful way of life in a valley far away from civilization where he shares his home with many dogs, cats, and other animals.

Elkhan’s relationship towards nature is quite different than that of others in his country. Now Elkhan’s lifestyle has become a mission; a struggle to convince others that a better relationship with nature is not only to save other animals, but in the long run, to save ourselves too.


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