I will pay you 50 GEL for every kilo lost

By Anna Sarukhanova

Today, young girls face a myriad of stereotypes seeking to dictate how they look, what they wear and how much they weigh. These 'rules' are defined in beauty magazines and enforced on Instagram – as well as by girls' peers and family members.

These standards and expectations can warp how a person sees themselves. I have experienced this myself: nature made me to be petite and small. But for years I suffered from the illusion that I looked too skinny and "child-like." I did not know how to make peace with the difference between society's expectations and my natural self. It was as if it was impossible to love myself for who I was.

With this film, I want to tell the stories of other girls who struggled to rid themselves of the filter of society's expectations so they could, at last, see themselves for who they really were.
Here are four different stories, four different journeys. Each girl has fought a path against society, against her parents and even against her own true self.

These four stories tell a single tale of truth: a tale of learning to love one's self and the power of self-confidence, that vision that gives every single one of us the power to change how we see the world. 


My Body, My Choice