In a patriarchal society, the centre of most women's stories is silence. In such a society, girls are silenced from an early age. Being able to speak, to be heard, to be believed are a crucial part of a community, a society. Sometimes the voice of women break all barriers, at other times, a woman's silence turns her into a prisoner.

Yaman is a young artist, a woman who was bullied into silence by a relative as a child. Later, as an adult, she started to feel the consequences of this psychological trauma. This trauma—the fear of self-expression—followed her during her time at school and as a university student, when she was afraid to speak to anyone. As time passed, Yaman started to force herself to become more self-confident.

Don’t talk! by Gular Abbasova is a poetic portrait of a woman whose life is manipulated by fear.




Chai-khana Survay