The last day of the year

Author: Shorena Tevzadze

Film by Shorena Tevzadze

In the early hours of the last day of the year, in front of the parliament of Georgia and around it, events unfold like a play. The police are removing protest tents from outside the parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue, while Tbilisi City Hall’s employees are hanging Christmas decorations around the building, seemingly blind to the clashes and violence around them. It transpired that two different realities coexisted in the early hours of December 31. The protest, which was stopped by force, was replaced by a compulsory celebration. My film explores this day from the perspective of one man who, for more than 700 days, has been demanding a fair and independent investigation for his murdered son. To him, everything appears like a scene from the theater of the absurd. 




Chai-khana Survay