Pause, passerby, pause

Author: Hovhannes Ishkhanyan

Months after the attack on Excitement and Call, a public performance of contemporary dance and poetry, co-authors choreographer Hasmik Tangyan and writer Lilit Petrosyan recall their feelings and analyze the impact the attack has had on their work.

Lilit Petrosyan and Hasmik Tangyan use poetry and dance to reflect on the performance and the attack, attempting to use their creative skills to express their feelings and problems.

In Armenia, when there is an attack on art or other events, opposing sides use the media and politics to strike out, avoiding a direct confrontation, which further aggravates hostile feelings in society. In this climate, is it possible for the antagonists and performers of the Excitement and Call to meet, and is it possible for them to put aside hostility and start a dialogue? 




Chai-khana Survay