Moments from an infinite state

The indefinite present, called the state of emergency, began about two months ago, and who knows how long it will last.
The main signs of a new reality, the main characteristics, are isolation and distance. We don’t know the results yet. We have a vague present that, like an abandoned game, is frozen and endless.
"State of Emergency" is a deserted game. It’s an excerpt from the abandoned game we live in now.
The lines from this diary are thoughts accumulated over the course of a month.The city has become like time, a labyrinth that is endless and uncertain.
‘’State of Emergency" is an attempt to save time, describe it, and remember.

Game Link 

Follow the link;
Wait for 2 minutes, until game is fully loaded. 
Go to full screen mode;
Click the mouse on any place of screen;
How to walk:
Use WASD buttons on keyboard to move. W forward, A back, A right, D left;  Or use arrows.
Jump – space;
Shift W – walk fast; 
Use mouse to look around. With older computers game can be slow and sometimes can not even work. You can not play with your phone. 




Chai-khana Survay