@HOME with a camera

In today’s digital world, we are constantly creating video footage—with our mobile phones or professional cameras—that ends up saved in storage, never serving any real purpose. For filmmakers, the current pandemic and isolation have provided an opportunity to rediscover their personal archives and use it to create something new.  

Author: Anna Dziapshipa

How deserted lies the city

At times, it is easy to believe that life is much more complex and bewildering than our wildest fantasies. Reality is much more complicated than our creativity. And that makes documentaries and archives so precious.

Being in a lockdown and waking up to an increasingly dystopian world every day, I think constantly about loneliness and realize how much my perception of this notion is changing. What I meant by loneliness just weeks or months ago has already vanished.

This thought leads me to my personal archives. My attempts to document moments of solitude. Images of being alone behind different mediums as an observer and appreciator of remoteness. 

I made this short video from archives that were never meant to be public. They come from different countries, throughout different years, different moments and seconds depicted with various moods but perceived from today’s perspective. 

This is a tiny tribute to past loneliness.

Author: Shorena Tevzadze

In Isolation

We regularly film a lot of videos that we never watch again—they are saved in storage or archived somewhere. While in isolation, I started delving into my archived material and it turned out I had forgotten a lot of the videos I stored there.

I came across footage from the war and a natural disaster. While looking at the archive, I found moments from street rallies across the country, footage of the poverty that surrounds us—I felt like a guest in my own archive while I reviewed the past several years. During the process, I experienced many sad and unfounded emotions. I believe isolation can make a difference in our lives; digging into a personal archive is just one small part. 

Author: Anna Sarukhanova 

Es regnet

When stuck at home, you are left alone with yourself and your thoughts. You see your reflection in the mirror and doubt if it's really you or not. It is as if someone else is living this life with you. During this uncertain time, I feel some strange hope, something similar to an endless spring or love and I am kind of saying goodbye to it. But this is not really an end; it’s a new beginning. I reviewed my archive footage in the context of these new feelings and perceptions. The result is a very personal video - it is about love; it is a confession. It is an attempt to get out of the mirror and see a new perspective. 




Chai-khana Survay