perfect past future

Author: Ilkin Huseynov

When quarantine started, I found myself home alone with three cats. Simone, one of the cats, was heavily pregnant. My wife was far away, stuck in The Netherlands due to the Covid-19 ban on travel and she would miss the beautiful moment when the little kittens came into the world.

When Simone was ready to give birth, I rushed to prepare a comfortable place for her and grabbed the handycam to shoot the magical moment for my wife.

While shooting the birth, I thought about artistic approaches and how I always used open shots and loved to be as close as possible to my subjects rather than zooming in.

After finding myself in isolation, I needed to search for new ways to observe my surroundings. I understood that simply zooming in on the details allows you to experience your daily life differently. While seeing objects closer than they are, you focus not only on the image but also on the sound. “Musique concrète” inspired me to pick up sounds from objects around my house and make field recordings on microcassette. Later I heavily processed the material, using Granular synthesis with random modulation and cv control feedback and reverb.

The film is part of @HOME with a camera - a series of short experimental films produced by our contributors during their lockdown due to Covid 19 in the South Caucasus region.




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