Music of Protests, a film by Tornike Koplatadze, is a short documentary on the importance of songs motivated by social issues and played during protests in Georgia. Georgia has experienced many battles for freedom, and music has been a huge tool during these fights and/or protests. In the 1990s, music helped protests grow to a size that eventually resulted in Georgia gaining its independence from the Soviet Union. In the film, Koplatadze explores the last 30 years of independent Georgia, where Georgian citizens keep on demonstrating, protesting and marching in the streets of capital Tbilisi to the beat of memorable protest songs. Three musicians--Tato Rusia, Utsnobi, and Achiko Guledani-who produced some of these songs and were prominent during various movements, discuss the importance of music when dealing with social issues. They speak about how the protests and their spirits echoed throughout their music at demonstrations. As the generations of protestors changed, so did the means of expression. Yet a certain aspect remained the same: all of it served one purpose-to fight for freedom.




Chai-khana Survay