The Abandoned Famous Soviet Cafe of Sokhum
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Those who habitually went to cafe ‘Amra,’ located on one of the three quays of Sukhum beach, called themselves ‘Amratians.’ Today the cafe doesn’t function any longer. The building, which is  gradually being destroyed by the sea and time, once used to attract the beaumonde of Sukhum. Svetlana Korsaya was one of the ‘Amratians,’ and now  is the director of Gulia museum. She passes by the building very often, and in her view, it’s very sad that the movement of ‘Amratians’ ceased to exist. On the other hand, it’s also a matter of the epoch; once the ‘Amratians’ used to fight the regime, and nowadays no one needs either ‘Amra’ or ‘Amratians’.


Chai Khana
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