The Dirty Coast of Caspian Sea
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Sumgait is the 3rd largest city of Azerbaijan. Among the cities, the city is the most environmentally catastrophic. At the same time, it was the most polluted and dangerous beach. In May 2014, they took water samples  in the Caspian Sea and analyzed it in the laboratory. As a result, swimming on the Sumgait  beach was banned. But despite this, people still continue to swim here.


People who swim in the mossy and polluted water
It is possible to find a car wheel on the beach
While the water and the shore are dirty, still parents are endangering the health of children here
While the water and the shore are dirty but parents are endangering the health of children here
In Sumgait, the coast of the Caspian Sea is more remaining car parking. People who come here by car pollute the coast more.
Parents think that the sea water is good for the baby. But it is dangerous for the baby, because the environment and water is so dirty
Dogs and people do rest together on the beach
The beach is so dirty but people don’t worry about it
These trucks are the reason for the declining sand on the beach. They are also dangerous to human life
In addition to the coastal pollution, another reason is the people themselves, such as this man. He ate a watermelon and threw garbage on the beach. He also continues to his leisure as if nothing had happened
It is prohibited to catch fish in the sea along with swimming
However, despite this prohibition people are fishing here
Years ago, the remains of the ship's sinking is still not cleared from the sea. And people take fish from the these ruins.
Along with the people, dogs, seagulls and cars, you can also see horses on the beach.
You can give 2-3 manats for riding these horses
This table is placed here but we cannot find any employees of the Ministry Emergency Situations’ during the reportage.
Chai Khana
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